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Creativ Luv is a collective that highlights, celebrates and connects creatives who impact culture within various fields. There are many creatives that are thriving and producing art that are not receiving recognition or given tools on how to maintain a sustainable living consistently. As a creative, you are your toughest critic and what better way to grow within a community that shares the same values and dreams as you.


do you know who you are?


what do you want to leave behind?   


what makes you stand out?


what do you want to know?


Janecia Love, also known as Necie, is a woman of diverse talents. Necie began her career in the music industry at Reach Records, in Atlanta, GA as Marketing Coordinator. During her time there, she expanded from managing social media and marketing campaigns for the record label and its artists, to overseeing all creative content. She has written video treatments for several artists as well as provided creative direction. Now in based in Los Angeles CA, where transitioned from Talent Management at Culture Collective to Interscope Records, she has proven her determination to make an impact in the entertainment industry and this is just the beginning.


Photo Taken by: Jaylon Ashaun

"Her career is just beginning, but love has proven herself as one to watch..constantly positioning herself alongside longtime industry movers and shakers."

- Jewel Wicker: 10 Women Ruling The Atlanta Music Scene


"I personally am not a fan of calling myself an influencer but instead I want to inspire.  With this platform, I want to show that you can be a light in the midst of the hype and still have a good time."

- Janecia Love: 5 Underground Atlanta Creatives Curating the Hottest Scenes at SXSW

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