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Say My Name

Women's History

Month Tribute

Say My Name 

A tribute to women making an impact​ in the entertainment industry

Song: "Say My Name" ft. Static 

Timbaland Remix

Barbara Smith  (Music Creative, Netflix Animation)

Bryanna Hope (Operations Manager, Twitter) 

Briana Cameron  (PR Supervisor - Crown Royal/ 

Breana Bell  ( TV Reporter Variety Mag)

Dionna Beamon  (Hair Specialist, Beamon Brand) 

Liyah Strange  (Urban Marketing Manager, Interscope)

Lauren Henley (Warbrobe Stylist, Alexis Swank)

Paris Ferribee  (Manager, Warner Bros. Television Group) 

Videography / Editing

Belize Me! 2022 Trip
Sausalito (Shot/Edited)
Coconut Water (Shot/Edited)
Turn Up The Volume 2 (Shot/Edited)